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Cash Advance In Annandale Va

Cash is More Powerful than Credit! by Tom Beeson

cash advance in annandale va Have you seen it? There is a new Visa commercial on TV. Cash Advance In Annandale Va The setting is often a busy deli where many action-packed busy folks are buying lunch. The sandwiches, sodas, lunch meat, veggies and condiments are flying with the air with all the precision of the river dance. Everyone is happy while they approach the register to pay by using a plastic card. The pace is fast and well choreographed. Everything is using incredible precision when suddenly a guy approaches the register and pulls cash beyond his wallet. Suddenly everything screams for an abrupt stop, people spill their food, several loud audible gasps can be heard and everyone begins to stare only at that man in profound horror. The message: cash disrupts the fast pace flow of society.

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Imagine if you'll that you and I are located on a lively street creating a conversation. I am holding a $20 bill in my hand. Come with me fot it vendor over there and I will treat one to a latte or even a coffee. Here is what can happen:

First, the owner will smile. He will *-not-* have to cover a 1 hour.5% + $.30 transaction plastic card processing fee on the purchase we merely made. If our coffee costs $8.97 and that we pay with cash then owner are certain to get to hold $0.43 that he was lacking to cover to Visa, MasterCard or Discover. If everyone paid with cash, and 100 people purchased coffee every day, he'd offer an additional profit of $57.00 each day ($399 a week). But, don?t worry because owner already figured the cost of credit to your mug of coffee. He has no choice providing Visa brainwashes you and me into believing that cash is often a punishment and credit is king.

Second, I would not have to pay 24% interest for the cup of joe. Visa takes money from the seller?s pocket and then takes money from my pocket. And because I like to entertain and let my coffee habit get off me, I could have to carry the balance over until the following month. Wow! I have never had a walk stick with me for that long. Combined with all the other purchases of yesterday, I have nothing left for tomorrow.

Third, I will enjoy my coffee essentially the most because I don?t must hassle with reconciling my bank card or bank statement after the month. Cash is final. Cash is immediate. Cash is complete along with the sale is not going to haunt me for ages to come.

And finally, I get my approval elsewhere. Not from the machine that blurts your word ?approved? as though my low confidence needed a credit card machine to provide me an ego boost. I have never been ?declined? when paying with cash. Never embarrassed rather than intimidated. I am believing that Cash is a lot more powerful than credit.

So why would Visa pay this kind of premium to convince you that cash is a punishment for the society? Because, debt can be a product. And a very profitable product as well. Think about the numbers I mentioned above. Ask your selected vendor whatever they pay 30 days in bank card transaction processing fees. The amounts you hear will be really eye opening. Then ask your vendor for any discount when you pay with cash. I?ll bet he can gladly present you with one! I gladly give cash discounts for all of my customers.

Wow! Imagine if I bought my next car with cash? What would that think that? I would be considered a king! And then let's suppose I bought all of my future cars with cash. Sound impossible? It is most certainly not! We only allow it to be impossible because we've got adopted a ?gotta get yourself a loan? mindset that sabotages our future wealth.

The New Debt-Free Mindset is sweeping the globe. Will you embrace it? Or do you want to pay $469,520* in Interest in the next 37 years struggling to make ends meet and saving nothing to your future? This is the prevailing question of several financial planners today. Debt is the nemesis of retirement for your average American so when debt grows, retirement funds shrink to dangerously lower levels.

-- Sobering Statistics

The average family pays $4,680 in plastic card interest each year. The typical plastic card is going to be paid in 37 years in case you only make minimum payments. Over 70% of American families today live paycheck to paycheck and don't touch the principle on their own overwhelming debt load. After 37 years these families will have paid $182,520 in plastic card, auto loan and student loan interest alone. Add another $287,000 of mortgage interest that families may have handed $469,520 to the bank over their lifetime. Was it worth it? We now understand why debt is probably the most heavily marketed product in the entire world today!

So many people are fed up with the negative impact debt has on his or her lives actually declaring war. Myths about debt are increasingly being dispelled everyday and people are adopting this new free of debt approach as his or her primary defense against poverty, bankruptcy, and disaster. Hope may be stolen from us and we want to buy back! King Solomon wrote the following words nearly 3000 in years past. Take a moment to consider them.

So the next time are you going to pay with cash or with credit? Remember that rich people pay with cash, poor people use credit. Will you be poor or perhaps rich?

Tom Beeson is a Consumer Financial Coach, writer, public speaker, and founder of Bright Pathways Coaching Center for Abundant Living helping families to realize financial stability and wealth. He is popular free of charge weekly tips on abundant living. Readers are invited to signup at

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